Your people and culture are your most important assets. At FourQuarters we understand that recruitment is a significant investment for your organisation and if executed correctly will result in you obtaining the best available talent that will drive your business forward.

When you partner with FourQuarters you have total confidence in knowing that we have established a track record and a reputation of identifying the best available talent in the marketplace. The best talent is not only limited to active job seekers. Our strength is being able to identify passive candidates not only through conventional search techniques but also by leveraging our well-developed and highly trusted networks.

Through a combination of our extensive recruitment experience, our industry related backgrounds and our thorough knowledge of the marketplace we are well qualified to become your recruitment partner by leveraging our;

  • Comprehensive professional networks
  • Well developed candidate sourcing techniques (our ability to source specialist candidates)
  • Vast market knowledge
  • Commitment to understanding your business, culture and people
  • Consultative approach - Industry experience gained within the finance and banking sectors prior to recruitment
  • Commitment to 360 degree feedback
  • Core values of being; professional, transparent, accountable, honest and ethical


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