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FourQuarters Recruitment partners with a wide range of organisations including; ASX listed corporates, global and regional banks, insurance and superannuation groups, privately owned businesses, professional services/advisory firms and private equity.  

Please see what some of our clients are saying about us.  

“We have been working with FourQuarters for almost 3 years now and as one of our most trusted suppliers, I can genuinely recommend them to any company looking for a standout recruiter to partner with. FourQuarters have greatly simplified the recruitment process for us by taking the time to get to know our organisation and understand our specific company culture. They have continued to deliver high standards with their demonstrated industry knowledge, professional candidate approach and commitment to a long term partnership. I could not recommend them more highly.” (Human Resources Manager, Financial Services)

“I have been working with the team at FourQuarters for over 5 years across a number of roles. They have been professional, honest, reliable and have delivered some innovative recruitment approaches when other methods have failed. Just importantly, I’ve had the same positive feedback from candidates they’ve placed. I’ve been able to recommend them to other accounting professionals.” (Group Financial Controller, E-Commerce)

“I’ve known Eric since I began in the utilities industry and his reputation is stellar. I trust him implicitly and know that he is 100% discreet and ethical. He is professional, business savvy, polished, enthusiastic and connected. His networking/relationship management skills are second-to-none and he genuinely cares about his clients and candidates. He is hardworking, persistent and skilled at closing a transaction. Eric does his job with a vibrant, positive attitude. Wherever I have thought of recruiting staff, Eric is the first one I’d call. I’ve seen many friends and colleagues get great jobs because of him, and I know the companies where they work are equally happy with the placements. Eric is definitely someone on my speed dial!!” (Management Accounting Management, Energy Utilities)

 “I’ve used FourQuarters for a few years now for various roles. I’ve found that they are one of the few agencies that really listen to you when discussing the candidate brief and will always try to find the right cultural fit for your organisation as well as the requisite skills. That’s important because as all busy finance professionals know, time is a valuable resource and it’s best not spent on unsuitable applicants. I’m confident that when I call FourQuarters Recruitment, I will get to meet candidates of the right calibre, who will suit not only the role in question but will also be a great fit for the team. So if you ever need someone, call Rosie, she’s great, despite her funny accent!” (Business Planning & Performance Manager, Pharmaceutical)

“FourQuarters has helped us successfully recruit a number of positions across our business. The team at FourQuarters has invested time in understanding the culture and people needs of our organisation and this shines through in the quality and cultural fit of candidates they present for consideration. FourQuarters is easy to deal with, its people are straight-talking and they seem to be able to consistently access high quality candidates.” (Head of Finance, Financial Services)

“FourQuarters Recruitment are in the sweet spot of offering boutique style support and yet are large enough and more importantly, experienced enough to attract the range of candidates that my business needs, from administrators to executives. FourQuarters understands and consistently demonstrates the ability to match each Department head’s personal management style as well as our company culture, to provide the perfect candidate for our needs. What’s also great is that EVERY candidate I interviewed felt the need to comment on the respect and professionalism that FourQuarters afforded prior to meeting with me. This makes the new employee on-boarding experience positive before they have even walked through the door, which has been enough of a differential for a great employee join my team as opposed to another offer they received. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend FourQuarters recruitment.” (Chief Financial Officer, Technology)

“During the course of the recruitment process for our Finance Manager, Ellie remained extremely professional and was very persistent in helping us find the right candidate. It was certainly a challenging role to fill, however she was very responsive, kept me informed at all stages of the process and provided very detailed feedback on each candidate.” (Recruitment Executive, Property)

“Responding to a “cold call”, I agreed to meet with Xavier from FourQuarters as I was impressed with the research he had done about the organisation and the Analyst  role I was recruiting for. Xavier took the time to understand my requirements for the role from a technical and cultural fit and I was sent a shortlist of solid candidates to interview within 48 hours. This ultimately led to the employment of a brilliant candidate for the role within my team. The follow up support that was provided was also brilliant. The key differentiator that FourQuarters possess is the devotion placed towards understanding the business, the role and identifying the right candidate through a very efficient process. If you are in the market for good analyst, I would strongly recommend Xavier from FourQuarters.” (National Finance Manager, Services)

“I have been working with Rosie Hunter and her team, from FourQuarters for the last 2 years with regards to sourcing new employees. I have found them to be very helpful and reliable. I have used them in my previous employment as well as my current employment. They have a good network of candidates, as they always come back to me promptly with potential candidates for interview. All the new employees that come through them have been excellent and they were able to start contributing from day one. Without them I will still be looking for the right candidate. What I like about them is that they will take the time to understand the business and the requirements.” (Financial Controller, Commodities)




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